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Ultimate Planner VPM-B and Buhlmann-GF Deco Planner

Ultimate Planner is a decompression planning software program incorporating both Varying Permeability Model with Boyle's Law compensation (VPM-B) and Buhlmann's published ZHL-16B and ZHL-16C, along with ZH-L16D (based on his recommendations) with Erik Baker's Gradient Factors for OC and CCR dives. Some of its features and capabilties are:

* Intuitive user interface and virtually unlimited number of repetitive dives in one mission
* Optional standard gas list for deco/bailout to facilitate data entry
* Lost deco gas plans and increased time/depth plans
* Optional display of the tissue loadings upon surfacing
* Optional extension of deco stops
* Enhanced algorithm for intital descents with gas switch (travel gas) and multilevel ascents
* Optional second ascent rate for the shallower part of the dive
* High and low ppO2 warnings
* Isobaric Counter Diffusion (ICD) alerts starting at adjustable dive depths
* Altitude diving adjustments
* CNS and OTU tracking
* Gas consumption estimation
* CCR bailout
* Breathing mix calculator
* Metric and imperial units
* Comes in four themes
* One click on-demand information about the new, distinctive configuration features
* UNIQUE: Optional model (ZH-L16D) based on Buhlmann's recommendations (adaptation for colder dives)
* UNIQUE: Accelerating no-fly time using surface oxygen/Nitrox calculator
* UNIQUE: Optional second dimension of conservatism by applying asymmetric gas kinetics (/U)
* UNIQUE: Optional slower compartment halftime set for VPM-B for extreme dives
* UNIQUE: The ability to monitor the inner ear as either lipid or aqueous tissue (for ICD)

Ultimate Planner VPM-B and Buhlmann-GF Deco Planner Configuration Ultimate Planner Breathing Mix Calculator Ultimate Planner Altitude Configuration

Ultimate Planner is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X (version 10.7.3 or higher). Required screen resolution is 800 x 600 or higher. To take a look at how Ultimate Planner works, download the user guide in PDF format.

Download Ultimate Planner's user guide in PDF format here.

Ultimate Planner No Fly Time Acceleration

Ultimate Planner is a green software; no installation process is required and no changes in system settings take place. It comes in 4 different themes; default, gray, Egyptian blue and dark (high contrast).

Ultimate Planner High Contrast Theme

Ultimate Planner's license is valid for life and includes any program and/or documentation updates to come. Also two concurrent installtions are allowed (desktop and laptop, or Windows and Mac, for instance). For more info, drop a line to

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