Tech Diving Mag

Contribute to Tech Diving Mag Tech Diving Mag is a free online quarterly containing articles on topics related to diving research, development of new tools and techniques, exploring new underwater territories and expedition planning. Tech Diving Mag always welcomes new, well-illustrated diving articles in English. Although we can't pay for your contributions, we can hopefully give you exposure. So if you’ve ever wanted to get an article you've authored published to an audience of thousands of technical and wanna-be technical divers, it's about time to make this happen!

Word count is not important. Quality images, illustrations and graphics are most welcome. Please submit as much graphic elements as you can. Tech Diving Mag is digitally distributed not printed so there's plenty of space. Tech Diving Mag is published in March, June, September and December each year, so there might be a delay before any editorial could be run.

Email your article in a Word document to The article should be spell-checked and proofread. Please do not embed images into Word documents. All images should be submitted separately. Other than for demonstration purposes, please do not submit articles in PDF format. When submitting your piece make sure you supplied:

* Text
* Images
* Captions
* Factfiles and other illustrations where applicable

Captions should be meaningful with names, location and description for all photographs. All graphics, illustrations, photographs and images must be your copyright or you must have permission to use them.

If all you want to contribute is some photos (without articles), you're also most welcome! Any tech-diving-related photo (whatever format, size, etc...) would be fine.

Thank you!